The place where plakkies go to die

Meant to be a pair. Your left to my right. I cannot take my step unless you have taken yours. Created in harmony. Same colors and size. But dear, o dear. Somehow one got lost. Discarded on long forgotten paths. Lying in lakes, buried in sand. Slowly losing colour, slowly losing shape, but being made from rubber, it’s takes forever to die without your mate. Some might get nibbled on by some silly little snail who has forgotten what his mother has taught him about eating rubber, but that will not end the unfortunate plakkies existence for snails are small and will stop long before the end. Mostly it will be the hot sun and the wind. Slowly eroding the lonely discarded plakkie. Leaving it to wonder for years what has happened to their mate. The one that managed to stay on the foot. Did it go home as a souvenir, or something to get used as a weapon to beat the dog? The discarded one left to think:”it would have been better to get chewed up by that cute Labrador pup”

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