Movie review – Dark Phoenix

As an avid X-Men fan, there was no way I was waiting for the new Dark Phoenix movie to go to DVD.  No way.  The only option was movie theater, surround sound and the ice coffee that had to be smuggled in.

I loved Sophie Turner’s character in GOT.  Or I did by the end.  The lovesick little girl in the first season made me want to wring her useless little neck.

Well, 10 minutes into Dark Phoenix I was back to wanting to wring her useless little neck.

I should have known that any X-men movie without Hugh Jackman and his briljant Wolverine character will be dead in the water.  I wished some body had the courage to drown this movie before releasing it on an unsuspecting public.

My first, and insurmountable problem with the movie is this:  It pre-dates the rest of the X-men movies that has been released since 2011.  The first 3 movies was in sequence, and the stand alone Wolverine movies tied in with them for the most part.  The subsequent ones that dealt with the younger version of the original X-men has however deviated from the original plot.  And Dark Phoenix does this to an even greater extent.  Characters that was arch enemies and strangers (Prof X and Mystique or Raven) now share a childhood.  This confuses me greatly.  I prefer hating the enemy without confusing childhood alliances.  In the later (released first) movies, Jean Grey (Phoenix) is very loyal to Prof X.  This movie confuses that relationship for me.

My second problem is the “Great Holy Feminist Movement” currently being worshiped in Hollywood.  Female power and superiority is shoved down your throat  with no regard to story line.  It is done with less finesse that product placement in the 007 movies and that says a lot.

My third an final objection is of course as a christian.  I will always be uncomfortable with a hero in a move being described as the “source of  all live”.

Needless to say, I did not enjoy this finale of the great X-Men camp.


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